Makita 18V Lithium Ion

3pcs 3.0Ah Battery For Makita BL1830 LXT 18V Lithium-ion BJV180 Cordless Jigsaw

3pcs 3.0Ah Battery For Makita BL1830 LXT 18V Lithium-ion BJV180 Cordless Jigsaw

3pcs 3.0Ah Battery For Makita BL1830 LXT 18V Lithium-ion BJV180 Cordless Jigsaw

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114.80 x 74.55 x 65.20 mm. We are most happy to help! Discount available for multiple items!! The use of registered trademarks or trade names on our listing is for the sole purpose of describing the scope of applicability and compatibility of our products. We are not affiliated in any way with the original brand manufacturers.

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We use DPD Local as our main courier. The following postcodes are classed by DPD as Non-mainland UK and Highlands. BT, GY, IM, IV, JE, ZE AB31-38, AB41-56, FK17-21, G83, HS1-9, KA27-28, KWO-17, PA20-78, PH15-99, P030-41, TR21-25. Please provide a full and accurate address รข??

A battery that still holds 80% of its capacity after 12 months is considered to be normal. So please make sure the model you need is listed in our title or description. If you are checking after compatibility, or reporting a problem, please (where possible) let us know your device model and the original battery/charger part number so we can help you most efficiently. A: We are Silver Centre (UK) Ltd, located in Preston, United Kingdom.

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The item "3pcs 3.0Ah Battery For Makita BL1830 LXT 18V Lithium-ion BJV180 Cordless Jigsaw" is in sale since Wednesday, June 18, 2014. This item is in the category "Business, Office & Industrial\Power Tools\Batteries & Chargers". The seller is "battery_pro" and is located in PR5 5LP.

This item can be shipped to United Kingdom, Ireland.

  • Brand: PowerSmart
  • MPN: 3*TMK058.87V
  • EAN: Does not apply

3pcs 3.0Ah Battery For Makita BL1830 LXT 18V Lithium-ion BJV180 Cordless Jigsaw